Monday, March 26, 2012

Samsung Standard Car Power Charger [CAD300UBEB/STD]

!±8±Samsung Standard Car Power Charger [CAD300UBEB/STD]

Brand : Samsung
Rate :
Price : $5.71
Post Date : Mar 27, 2012 00:01:11
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Samsung CAD300UBEB/STD Standard Car Power Charger Samsung standard car power charger gives you the charging performance needed while traveling in your vehicle. For easy recharging of your cell phone just plug the car charger into the power socket of your vehicle and it will begin instantly replenishing your mobile phone's battery. Samsung car charger adapters ensure that your phone is always charged and ready to make an important call. The Samsung standard car charger is designed to optimize performance, portability, and storage capabilities. This car power charger has a 1-year manufacturing warranty and is compatible with Samsung devices. Here is a list of compatible devices: Acclaim SCH-R880 Ace II SPH-I350 BeHold II SGH-T939 Caliber SCH-R850 Captivate SGH-I897 Code SCH-I220 Continuum SCH-I400 Contour SCH-R250 Craft SCH-R900 Crunch Epic 4G SPH-D700 Eternity 2 SGH-A597 Evergreen Exclaim SPH-M550 Fascinate SCH-I500 Flight Flight II SGH-A927 Focus SGH-I917 Freeform II SCH-R360 Freeform SCH-R350 GT-B3410 GT-i9020T NEXUS S Galaxy Indulge SCH-R910 Galaxy S 4G SGH-T959V Gravity 3 SGH-T479 Gravity Touch SGH-T669 Gusto SCH-U360 Houdini SGH-T939 Instinct HD SPH-M850 Instinct Q Intensity II SCH-U460 Intercept SPH-M910 Intrepid SPH-I350 Ace II Mesmorize SCH-I500 Messager II SCH-R560 Messager III SCH-R570 Messager Touch SCH-R630 Moment Mythic NEXUS S GT-i9020T Omnia II SCH-I920 Profile SCH-R580 Reality SCH-U820 Reclaim SPH-M560 SCH-I200 SCH-I220 Code SCH-I400 Continuum SCH-I500 Fascinate SCH-I500 Mesmorize SCH-I920 Omnia II SCH-R100 SCH-R250 Contour SCH-R260 SCH-R330 Stride SCH-R350 Freeform SCH-R360 Freeform II SCH-R380 SCH-R460 MyShot II SCH-R470 TwoStep SCH-R560 Messager II SCH-R570 Messager III SCH-R580 Profile SCH-R630 Messager Touch SCH-R631 SCH-R710 Suede SCH-R850 Caliber SCH-R880 Acclaim SCH-R900 Craft SCH-R910 Galaxy Indulge SCH-U320 SCH-U360 Gusto SCH-U460 Intensity II SCH-U820 Reality SCH-i100 SCH-i225 Exec SGH-A187 SGH-A197 SGH-A597 Eternity 2 SGH-A667 SGH-A687 SGH

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